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Me and my doggy Cindy

My interests, history, hobbies, activities and links to websites that are relevant to me can be found on this website.


During my second period at the Loo Erf I decided to go and live and study in the town called Deventer, which is very close to Apeldoorn and the Loo Erf and to which I already felt some connection. So just before I left the Loo Erf my personal guide from there helped me fill in the subscription form of the housing co-orporation for students in deventer. Now all I could do was wait until may or june, hoping somewhere I would find some place to live before the study would start, but I was afraid I might not find a place in time.

House of my dreams

During the project at the Loo Erf, which was held in combination with a project at the school in Deventer, one of the things we discussed was the future. the question was to describe the future in 10 years from then. In that future description i paid much attention on the home I wanted to live in at that time. I pictured a nice little apartment with a cosy living room, small kitchen and one bedroom, independant but not too large, just good enough for one person to live in. that would be the house of my dreams, which I at that time I hoped to be living in in 10 years from then. That was in 1996. But that little house of my dreams came much much earlier and co-insidence or not???? I moved out of the house of my dreams 10 years after I had described it because of that project.

Unexpected Phone call

I left the Loo Erf for good in march of 1997. After that I went into a time where I watched a lot of tv shows and lived in my room upstairs with my parents. I knew there was going to be more in my life than just that, but it seemed thousands of miles away at that time. I still had to wait and there was not much I could do. In this period of my life I became a Star Trek fan and I watched as many episodes as I could. Also I visited my friend Alicey very frequently in that time and we had lots of fun.

Then suddenly, when I really didn't expect it, somewhere on a wednesday in may I received a phone call. It was a lady of the housing co-orporation who had seen that I had subscribed for an apartment and that I would begin my studies in september, and also that I was blind and that I had requested for some assistence. She had an apartment available which she thought might be what I was looking for and she suggested that I would make an appointment with the lady who was now living there to visit it, as it would become available on the first of july. So I made a phone call and an appointment for a visit there on thursday may 29th, and on that day my parents and I drove to Deventer to find out what this apartment was all about.

When we entered I immediately felt at home. the apartment wasn't really looking ok at that moment but I was sure that by the time I would actually move in, it would be just fine. It was just the size and sort of apartment I had been thinking of and I felt very happy and great, knowing that this apartment would be my future place to live in.

On wednesday June 4th I called the lady back that had suggested this appartment to me, to let her know that I wanted it, and we made an appointment for the first of july to come and get the keys and sign the contract.

when I went to Deventer to sign the contract, my sister angela and her boyfriend she had at that time went with me. After the official contract stuff we also went to visit my new appartment where I also got to know my neighbours and where my sister took measurements of the room so we could start buying carpets and things like that.

Getting the apartment ready

during july and half of august we were busy trying to get my appartment ready. Maybe it is fair to say that my parents and sisters were even busier with it than I was, although I did my best. We went to buy furniture and carpets and things like that frequently and I also spent time buying tools that I might need in the kitchen. My mother gave me a lot of things as well. Little by little I was getting ready for the big move, but it all went so slowly and I was really excited.

Moving in

I moved into my new appartment on a wednesday. Please forgive me, I have forgotten the date. But it was one of the most exciting wednesdays in my life, that is for sure. My sister tried to teach me the way from my home to the bus stop and also to the grocery store. Especially that last thing was very hard and I was glad to learn that they would deliver my groceries at home and that I only needed to make a phone call if I needed groceries.

During this moving in day, my mother was still busily working in my apartment and so were my sisters. Everything was still chaotic and I felt uneasy, maybe even a little stressed because I wondered if moving in was already such a good idea. But now it would only be a test, I would stay a few days and then come home again for a few days. My mother and sisters stayed quite long that day, and when they left I honestly felt uneasy and a little scared, for the first time in my life I felt alone and somewhat frightened. I had trouble falling asleep, going through my apartment checking everything out, seeing if I was able to find everything. I tried to find my favorite radio station, and I was unsuccessful at first. finally I went to bed and I had a long sleep in that next morning.

I remember clearly that those first days were really not so easy. It had all gone well during trainings but now it was different and things took a lot of time for me. But still I was glad I tried and the longer I was there, the easier things became and before I knew it I felt very much at home.

9 years Deventer

When I think back on these 9 years, there are many great memories coming back to me. the first years of course were all about my study, which as you know already ended in 2001. But my apartment had a warm and nice atmosphere and that is obviously why my friends and I loved to stay there so much. Especially when we felt down and tired I would invite my friends and we would have a wonderfully relaxing and refreshing fun time there. I also remember my birthday party of 1999, which was really fun and I had 6 people staying with me in my apartment. I also enjoyed several great times with Marielle and her doggies there, it is a pity that Cindy never has been there. I had found a home, and leaving it was the hardest thing I had to do.

I left my apartment in december 2006, after I had lived there for a little more than 9 years. the reason I left was because the housing co-orporation decided they would break down the entire apartment building and replace it, because it was so old. Now I live with my parents. the plan was that this would be temporarily, one year or maybe only a little bit more. Now we have 2008, and I almost live here for 2 years now, hoping that I will find a new home in a year or so. However I won't go back to Deventer, I will now live in Roermond, closer to my parents and also not so really far away from my friends.

October 10th 2008

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