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Phyality - Introduction

Phyality is the name of the band of which I am a member. I say it like this, because officially Phyality still exist although since april 2005 we haven't really done anything together anymore as a band.

the name Phyality

Phyality as a word doesn't mean anything as far as I know, but to my friends and I it does mean a lot. Although the band was started in 1998, the name Phyality was invented in early 2001. The band needed a new name, and while we were doing one of our songs Phil misunderstood something, fighting the sea actually sounded like phyality to him, and he wanted to know what that word meant. We all laughed, thought about it and how this word should be spelled, and the new name was born. It is also not really unique that such a name is a non-existant word. here in the Netherlands we have Krezip, which is a very famous band, we learned later that if you hussle the letters you get perzik which is the dutch word for Peach.

The start and history facts

Phyality was started in 1998, in september of that year. it was started up by Alicey, Phil and Jolanda. They don't really remember on which day this happened, as far as I know either Phil or Jolanda started talking about a band and then Alicey became involved, and probably this happened during the time that they met to get their supper while they all lived at Steenweg. The first rehearsals were held on wednesday evenings in Jolanda's room. in october 1998 I joined their first rehearsal, this time just for fun because I was visiting Alicey, not at all seriously considering membership. they also did a small performance the day after that rehearsal.

In 1999 Roy joined the band, but had to leave temporarily for his time at the Loo Erf. In may I joined them for another rehearsal where they were just deciding on new songs they wanted to do. This is where I became really enthusiastic and decided although I lived far away that I wanted to join anyway. Soon after that we started practicing each week on thursday evenings in the living room of Steenweg. When in 2002 Alicey and Phil moved out of that house and to their own new home, we started practicing there. there have been several performances that we did, the most memorable is probably that of september 20th 2003 in the Speeldoos theatre. the memberships have also really changed. Roy left and came back several times until his final departure from the band in 2003. Jolanda was only a member until october 1999 and Joop who joined in july 1999 left in april 2000. In september 1999 Marielle joined the band and at this moment Marielle, Alicey, Phil and I are the only members. After 2003 it became really quiet until in april of 2005 we decided to turn a rehearsal into a recording session where we made a sort of demo cd. This is the only cd with songs we did and the only recordings of a somewhat reasonable quality.

Demo cd and information sheet

we wanted a letter to accompany our demo cd, because we also really recorded it with the thought of sending it out to friends in mind, and we knew that not everyone would know very much about us. Below you will find a link to the information sheet that I wrote in april 2005. I will also give you a link where you can listen to That's life, a song that Marielle wrote and that is on the demo cd. This should give you some sort of impression.


Phyality's email address where you can ask us questions

Phyality Demo Cd information sheet with more background information and history facts, also includes the lyrics to That's life and a list of songs we do on the demo cd.

Listen to Phyality's That's life and also read the lyrics

October 10th 2008

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