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Me and my doggy Cindy

My interests, history, hobbies, activities and links to websites that are relevant to me can be found on this website.


Before Cindy came into my life, I didn't really have any pictures of myself or other pictures worth showing here. I am not really a picture collector. But I can imagine pictures are important to other users of my website and when Cindy came into my life we also made really quite a few pictures of her. A large collection of these pictures, mostly taken when Cindy was still really young, can be found back on this website. On a later date new and more pictures may become available here. check the site news every now and then to see if I have made any updates. And most importantly: enjoy the picture ccollection.

Here are the pictures

Click on any of the links below to see the pictures.

Cindy, treasure and me at the Vet Cindy and treasure at the Vet

Cindy is sleeping Cindy and Treasure together on the couch

Cindy in her first travelling bag cindy and Treasure are sleeping in Cindy's travelling bag

Me and Cindy together on the train I'm sitting next to the new cannel together with Beauty and her puppies

Cindy is playing with one of her first toys Another picture of Cindy playing with her toy

Cindy, Beauty, Treasure Me next to Cindy's cannel after I had just decorated it

Cindy is enjoying her new little home Another picture of Cindy in her new little home

Cindy's first training to walk on a leash and follow me Cindy begins to understand what a leash is there for

Cindy and Treasure together in Cindy's Cannel Cindy defenately doesn't enjoy the shower and wants to get out

cindy and Treasure do their best to become dirty again shortly after their shower experience

Cindy, Treasure, Beauty, Jack, Marielle and I on our way to Den Bosch We get to know Treasure's new owner

Marielle and I (and the doggies) meet Treasure's new owner Mother Beauty and daughter Cindy

Beauty The Table Shih Tzu A picture of Cindy's father Jack

"Why would I go into this stupid cannel????" More leash excercises

"Cindy, come here!!!" Cindy outside

Cindy's favorite hideaway Tiny Cindy and huge Ninka

Me and Cindy (Who's 4.5 weeks old here) Another picture of me and Cindy when she was 4.5 weeks old

Cindy 4.5 weeks old Another picture of tiny Cindy in Marielle's garden Tiny little Cindy in Marielle's garden

Cindy on my couch, part 1 Cindy on my couch, part 2

Cindy on my couch, part 3 Cindy on my couch, part 4

October 11th 2008

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