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Me and my doggy Cindy

My interests, history, hobbies, activities and links to websites that are relevant to me can be found on this website.

Contact me !!!

What good would this website be, if you wouldn't have the chance to contribute? Anything that you might have on your mind, just let me know.

I have now created some new ways to get in contact with me.


If you are a Skype user, you can now call me on skype. If you plan on skyping me more frequently, you can also add me to your skype contacts.

Skype is really nice and it is for the most part free.

Hyves and Uniteddogs

You can also find me on Hyves where you can read my blog and become friends with me. If you have a dog and want to know more about Cindy, you can also find me on Uniteddogs

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If you want to send me a message, you can use the contact form below.

You can ask me questions, give comments and feedback about my website, report problems with my website or just send me a message.

It is also possible to receive site news in an email which I will send out. If you wish to receive my site news emails, please let me know in the message and also the email address on which you want to receive the news message.

You can also send me an mp3 file if you wish me to put it on my podcast. Please describe in your message what the mp3 is about. Any other file than mp3's will be ignored.

If this is needed, I will respond to your message, either in private or via the website. Of course I will only respond to serious messages, messages that contain curcing, bashing or anything else like that will be ignored.

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thank you for your feedback and time, we will be in touch.

October 15th 2008

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