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Me and my doggy Cindy

My interests, history, hobbies, activities and links to websites that are relevant to me can be found on this website.

Introduction to interesting websites list

What is an interesting website? there are countless websites available, so I guess a definition of an interesting website in this case would be a website that I frequently visit, that I like somehow or that for some reason I think might be interesting or useful for you as a reader. Not that this list has any kind of categories, I have tried to group things together a little. if you really want to know what's in here, please read to the bottom and maybe you will find a thing or two that you like. Enjoy!

Websites list

Alltheweb ::: Everyone knows google, but there are more search engines out there like this one. I guess a discussion on a dutch group made me remember to put this here....

yeapsystar ::: Yeapsystar is my friend Marielle's website, she also does a part in English. Marielle is also responsible for showing me where things don't work so I am able to improve my website.

Hyves ::: Although this is a dutch website, they have sections in other languages including English so I thought this might be of interest. Hyves is a sort of community website where you can have a blog, share pictures, write messages forth and back to other members and much, much more.

Uniteddogs.com ::: United Dogs is also a sort of community website but then for dog owners. There is an english version, to which this link goes, but also this exists in dutch, German and other languages. there are ways to share pictures of your dog, make a profile for your dog, make friends, participate in discussion forums and more. for cat-lovers there is also a unitedcats.

Twitter ::: A social networking site, where you can give updates about what you are doing in 140 characters, and read updates from people you are following, such as friends, companies, newspapers etc. Want to follow me on Twitter, search for Moniquey or go to My twitter page.

Yahoogroups ::: Maybe this is a bit too obvious.....It's where I created all my yahoo groups and where you can search, join and create your groups too.

Big Hits y100.9 ::: During my vacation to Maine I discovered this radio station and still sometimes enjoy listening, they play really many great oldies. You can use the following link to listen in windows media player: Big Hits in windows media player

Findsounds ::: Findsounds has a whole lot of sound clips that you can download, like rain, crying babies, dogs and much more. Not that everything is always very useful but one can never know.

Talking books store ::: Interested in downloading books? they sometimes have a few free books here, but for most you need to pay. Most of these audiobooks are in wma format but I have already found several things of interest here. Sometimes they also have discounts and such.

Audible ::: another place for downloading audiobooks.

Gibb Songs ::: A website where you can read all about Bee Gees albums, singles, releases, unreleased material, things they did on their own or together, with and for other artists and such. It is a huge collection of information items that was very helpful for me to find out which albums there were out there to by and such.

Earth final conflict wikipedia ::: Not that everything on wikipedia is always completely reliable, when I tried to learn more about Earth Final conflict this was very helpful in finding titles and descriptions of episodes and more. I'm defenately a sci-fi lover and I love this series.

Assistive technology show (from Maine) ::: Although this is originally from Maine, quite a few people who are blind or visually impared and interested in assistive technology or technology in any shape or form from other parts of the world come to join Steve's show. there is always something interesting and new to learn and discover so this website defenately belongs on my list. there are also archives with previous episodes.

Also take a look at atmaine, the homepage for Steve also gives not too expensive computertraining to blind and visually impared people.

Solona ::: A website that helps us blind and visually impared users deal with capcha's, also known as these annoying words in pictures that you have to type over.

Blindcooltech ::: A site full with podcasts and other things interesting to blind people.

The accessible Friends Network (Tafn) ::: A UK-based site that offers information, mailinglists, voice-chatting, online events and more to blind people. Membership is not for free, but well worth it and you do get a free month trial. there's a good atmosphere there, that's why I hang around there a lot lately.

Other, us based voice-chat websites that I know are: Vipconduit, For the people, Out of sight and New Visions Network.

Music of a friend of mine

Thomas Ventiquattro II, in short Tom 24, is a good friend of mine who lives in the USA, and he makes great music. At least that is my opinion and I hope you will like it too. Below you can find a list of his websites where he tries to sell his albums. It is also possible there to listen to sound clips of his songs so you can get to know his music.

for more information and listening to samples (and if you like it you can also buy his music online, of course), follow the following links.

Twilight blue excursion

Dear Lucy (A Love Song for the Battle of Plattsburgh)

Safe 'n sound in watertown

Horizon eyes

New adds

It is very likely that there will be many more websites out there that I will find of interest. if this is the case I will of course add them. to find out if I did so, check back frequently and watch for the site news on the homepage of this english section.

I hope you will have a pleasant time exploring the websites mentioned above.

October 11th 2008

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