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Me and my doggy Cindy

My interests, history, hobbies, activities and links to websites that are relevant to me can be found on this website.

Introduction to Download section


this is not the kind of place where you can go and find popmusic in mp3 format and download it for free, and I also don't sell music or things like that. This is something I absolutely wanted to make clear.

so what can you find here???

Here you can find the results of my sound editing efforts. This can be all sorts of things, from home-recordings of which I have permition of people who were present to place it here, to just funny recordings that I have made trying to learn esound editing skills, and also other sorts of fun stuff that I have created or, if this should be the case, recordings that people have given me permition to place them here. there is not much available at this moment, but this will change gradually.

Podcast feed

To make this section more fun and enjoyable I have now created my own podcast feed, to which you can subscribe using whatever podcatcher you wish. there is only one catch to this: I have only one podcast feed in which I place all podcasts from the English and Dutch section. Keeping 2 lists was just a little too much for me now, this is also still a test. But as with many things, if you should find an item that is not of interest to you, or that you can't understand, there is this Delete button on every computer.....Smile. Still I hope there will be something for everyone here.

If you wish to subscribe to the podcast feed? Add the following link to your podcatcher:


Enjoy the podcast and have a good time!

And here are the available downloads!

Lucinda's Escape ::: a year ago I made a short audio recording that belonged to a story I was writing. Although it has connection with my website, it was one of the first very creative attempts I had with my sound editing efforts.

Little Little Shih tzu (but then in Dutch) Live version ::: Although this is in Dutch and you can't really understand the song, maybe.....this was done in Alicey and Phil's computer room, with only Alicey, Phil and me present, yeah and Cindy. the applaus is also me, Phil and Alicey and no one else. I was just in a creative mood. (recording created in august 2007)

Podcast where I play with Cindy ::: this is in English, and you can hear me playing with Cindy. This is the first recording with the thought of creating a podcast feed in mind and I'm testing things out here. (recorded on oct. 9 2008).

Ok, that's it for now. More downloads and podcasts are planned to become available in the future, so come back to check every now and then, subscribe to the podcast or check the site news.

For questions, comments, requests or anything else, feel free to use the Contact form.

October 11th 2008

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