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A new beginning

After my 2 years at the boarding school, it was time for a new beginning. during the summer vacations I was really glad that I didn't have to go back. The first weeks at this new school in roermond were also a bit challenging. I had to get used to it as wel, new people, new teachers, new classrooms. All went a lot faster, and it was harder for me to keep up and I didn't always manage. the classes were also a lot bigger, in my class were 14 students if I remember correctly. But often 2 classes were joined together in the afternoons, when we had llessons that involved biology, history, music, geography, and such. then there would easily be 30 children in one classroom, sometimes all talking at once making it harder to concentrate, but I wouldn't have wanted to miss it in the world.

During the first few weeks I made many new friends, and found friends back that I had known before I went to theofaan. But during these first 2 or 3 weeks I also sometimes felt the need to call and checkup on friends like Christa, because I now began to realize that I was really going to miss some of them.

But then again, my new school soon had it's advantages, close to home, and very pleasant with teachers that I really liked most of the time..

One of the other things that I really liked about this school was the way certain lessons were taught. The mornings were usually reserved for calculating lessons and lessons in the Dutch language. the afternoon was for subjects such as biology, History, Geography and more, but they were not given separately.

they used a system in wich they worked with subjects, such as: our town in the mid-evil time, the north pole or such. Within such a subject all aspects about it were covered, so we learned things like biology, history, geography and other things in a really unique and interesting way, also easier for us.

The most important thing for me was that there was also a lot of room for music, and for acting out self-written stories. I think here is where I picked up on my creativity, my wish to write stories, develop my acting skills that I still use today while working out the stories with Alicey and Phil that I really love to do. It was a very ccreative approach to learning, of course also sometimes with boring moments. But then again each part of the year had something special, especially times like christmas, easter or such.

I remember having a play with some of my friends. This didn't even have to do with my class. But the teacher liked it so much so he suggested we would be allowed to visit all classes and perform this play several times. This was really a lot of fun. I was also amember of a music group that was somehow attached to the school, but was held after school time. We had several performances with this small group and I was even allowed to participate the first year after I left school. I also remember Carnaval during the last year I was on that school.. Each year there would be a party on friday afternoon, with several small groups of students, sometimes with a bit of help from teachers, playing out things ordoing acts. Of course with Carnaval we would also all wear different costumes, I was a wizzard for a few years in a row, inspired by the Wizzard of Os-movie and tv-series. But that last year, I don't remember quite exactly what costume I was wearing then, the director of the school, who was also our teacher in that year, agreed to take part in an act that a few of my class mates and I did., that was all about challenges and wether people would complete them succesfully or not. the director said, he bet on one student who volunteered for it of course, would be able to sit on a piece of wood with nails sticking out for longer than 1 minute, or so. Of course we were playing and acting and all this was manipulated. The director said that if this student would fail this challenge, he would allow us to make his hair all look crazy. As you can imagine it would be the high moment of the year, so we intentionally let this bet fail, this director/teacher of course knew this could possibly happen. I bought one large tube of Gell that people use to make their hair stand up, and after that particular one student had failed his challenge, we put the entire tube on the director'ss head and combed his hair in a completely strange way, just so he looked all rediculous and crazy. Now imagine, he still had to drive home with this look.... the entire school was excited!

the last few weeks before my time at this school were over, were very different and even more fun. We spent time on learning how to give first aid in case of a medical emergency, and on how to drive a bicycle and how the rules are when you are in the traffic. Of course this last thing was not so personally useful for me, but the teacher had the opinion that I should not be left out of anything, so I have a grade for it as well. then the last week we had all kinds of fun excursions including a visit to the teacher's home for dinner.

I think I should add that both me and my 2 sisters went to this school and it has always played an important part in our lives. When my youngest sister was born, not only me and my family celebrated, the entire school celebrated with us, everyone knew about it and I think she has been visiting the school from the time she was only a small baby on. It was more than just a school, I guess for the students, teachers and parents it was also a kind of community.

(august 17th 2008)

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