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Me and my doggy Cindy

My interests, history, hobbies, activities and links to websites that are relevant to me can be found on this website.

Finding a job

In may of 2007 it was suggested and offered to me that I could get help in finding a job, and in july of that year I had my first appointment with Restart, the company that was going to help me. I agreed on working with them and shortly after that my jobcoach suggested that I would be able to maybe get a job at Bis Bis. Bis Bis is a company here in the Netherlands, more acurately in the province called Limburg, where people can bring their old furniture, tv's, fridges, and almost everything that they don't want anymore but that can still be sold to, and used by someone else. they also have a service where they come to your home and pick up stuff. My job would be at the telephone, where people would call in with questions or to make appointments for their stuff to be picked up. I was very much looking forward to this job and for many months until may 2008 I have been working on this, together with my jobcoach, hoping and trying to make this happen.

In the end it turned out that, because it is not so close to home and it's also hard to get there by bus and train, it would become almost impossible for me to have this job. Taxi arrangements might have been an option, but too expensive. When I learned about this, I felt very sad. there were also a few other factors involved, which I will not discuss here any further. But in the end I have decided to stop searching for a job, because this choice was also given to me. I will now of course continue to work on my hobby projects, which are quite a few, such as sound editing, my website, visiting friends, my groups on Yahoo and much more.

Just to make everything complete below is also the website of Bis Bis. Sadly enough in Dutch but there are translation services and anyway who knows if Dutch people are also reading this.

Bis Bis Website

October 10th 2008

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